While Im Here | The Legacy Project While Im Here | The Legacy Project
Creating "While I'm Here | The Legacy Project"

Creating "While I'm Here | The Legacy Project"

Creating "While I'm Here | The Legacy Project"

What's the Project About?

While I’m Here | The Legacy Project is a personal project that we began in late 2015. We're dedicated to telling the stories of six amazing living legacies around the globe, while they’re still with us.

Time passes quickly, and it’s easy to put stories off. This project started after we let work get in the way and we missed the chance to tell the story of someone important to us. 

If you’re thinking about someone you’d like to document, get out there and do it before it’s too late! Let the reason for this project be a lesson to filmmakers who often let work get in the way of their passion projects.

The Approach and The Videos

We want to let the subjects of the films tell their own stories while painting a cinematic picture of them in their environment. One of our favourite parts of filmmaking is to allow subjects to speak for themselves. We believe this is where cinema and traditional photojournalism really differ. There’s so much power in hearing someone speak, and the authenticity of a character telling their own story. 


A New Model for Personal Projects?

When we launched the first story in the project about The San Diego Highwayman something completely unexpected happened. We had started a GoFundMe page at the time of the launch thinking a few people might come forward with donations that could cover gas, expenses, etc as a way to thank Thomas (The Highwayman) for the time spent filming.

Almost overnight, the funds came pouring in, and throughout the next couple of weeks, we were able to raise more than $12,000 for Thomas! On an equally amazing note, thousands of messages came flooding in from people that Thomas has helped over the course of 48 years. These messages brought tears to our eyes. They were stories such as the single mom who was stranded on the freeway, out of gas with her two young children in the back, to the people he had helped 20 years ago that never forgot!

The video itself was picked up on Right This Minute, ABC News, and many other sites and blogs across North America.  Eventually, a private donor heard Thomas’s story and saw the video. He came forward and offered to donate funds to completely restore The Highwayman’s car! Now the money we raised will be used to keep Thomas on the road helping others for a long time to come! It will cover his gas, and repairs after his beloved car, Beulah is restored.

What we realized through the launch of our first video is that this project can not only showcase the amazing things people are doing, but it can also directly help them help others along the way. 


Thank you for taking the time to check out the project, and we'd love to hear from you if you'd like to nominate someone to be the next subject in our series! Please email info (at) fostervisuals (dot) com to nominate!